My interests vary greatly, but I do have some primary areas of focus:

As of 2020, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, with additional Microbiology and molecular biology classes. I am currently taking classes in physiology medical terminology in my free time. I have experienced undergraduate research in analytical electrochemistry. I’ve held jobs as a chemical and computer technician, and have branched somewhat into IT, with some self-taught programming mixed in. I love music, and have played the piano for about 17 years. My other interests include public speaking, gaming, amateur astronomy, biking, fitness and martial arts. I am a total newbie at penetration testing, but find the whole thing very interesting!

If you asked me what one of my primary values are, I’d probably say self-development.

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Completed 1.5 years towards a Bachelor in Environmental Studies focusing on Urban Environments, before dabbling in direct sales, working as an insurance broker and eventually becoming a banking professional. Web developer, musician, poet, business woman. Her range of interests and experiences are also extremely broad. Check her website out at Site Network.