My name is Christian. I am an Australian expat living in Canada. My interests include self-improvement, human relationships, global catastrophic risk, science, music, travel and impermanence. If you asked me what some of my primary values are, I’d say self-development, relationships and learning.

With the goal of improving my writing, I aim to post on this blog more regularly.

As of 2021, I hold a Bachelor of Science in chemistry, with secondary focus in microbiology. I have taken additional classes in physiology and medical terminology in my free time. I have experienced undergraduate research in analytical electrochemistry. I’ve held jobs as a chemical and computer technician, and have branched into IT, with some self-taught programming mixed in. I love music, and have played the piano for about 17 years. My other interests include public speaking, gaming, amateur astronomy, mountain biking, fitness and martial arts.

Additional content by Kimberly H.
Completed 1.5 years towards a Bachelor in Environmental Studies focusing on Urban Environments, before dabbling in direct sales, working as an insurance broker and eventually becoming a banking professional. Web developer, musician, poet, business woman. Her range of interests and experiences are also extremely broad. Check her website out at Site Network.