Of Interest

80,000 Hours: An organization that mentors people who want to use their careers to do the most possible good in the world.

Arguing From Ignorance: A YouTube channel that aims to clarify misconceptions towards science.

Ask Science: A reddit page for scientific inquiries.

Clearer Thinking – Judgement Calibration: An interactive tool for improving the accuracy of your judgements.

Doomsday Clock: A countdown to catastrophe – hand positioning changes to reflect current world events.

DuoLingo: A website that allows you to learn new languages with relative ease.

Khan Academy: Because education doesn’t have to cost anything.

Kurzgesagt: A high-quality YouTube channel that explains science simply.

Less Wrong: A community for the rationally-minded.

ncase.me: A great resource for interactive educational content. Their Game Theory content is amazing.

PubMed: Open access medical journal database.

Robert Miles – YouTube Channel: A fantastic repository of AI Safety content.

Siyavula: Open-source textbooks for junior high & high school math/science.

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading: A series of talks on a variety of topics related to Technology, Entertainment, and Design.

UCDavis ChemWiki: An excellent resource which covers the main branches of chemistry.